Beginning Block Printing

Custom Carved Block Print He Is Risen
Carving the rubber block after transferring it from the pencil drawing

I have some pretty talented friends. I had seen some pieces of their art that had a certain hand made look to it, but yet had crisp lines, and wasn’t quite sure how it was done. I finally asked how one friend did it, and she told me she used a method called block printing where you carve a piece of block or linoleum, and transfer the image similar to a stamp.

So, I wanted to give it a try on a project I was working on for church for our Easter Egg Hunt table decorations. I did a lot of sketching and looking at examples of other linocut prints for inspiration before I landed on my design. I drew it in pencil, transferred it to the rubber “block”, and started carving. Oh, and I got the Speedball Deluxe Block Printing Starter Kit, which had everything I needed ready to go.

I’m pretty happy with the results and I’m looking forward to carving more blocks!

I LOVE the look of block printing.  In our age of computerized perfection, there is something very appealing to me about raw, flawed, made-with-your-hands designs.  Its imperfect, yet still has a crispness about it.  I also found just the act of physically carving very satisfying, especially on this super soft block.

I’m very excited about how this print turned out and look forward to all the possibilities!

He Is Risen Easter Print
My first block print, so fun!

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